Benjamin Bakle

Benjamin Bakle

Benjamin Bakle

First, a little about me let me clear my throat...

To start off, I am a self-taught web developer. When in college, I began my career as a computer science major. After the trials and tribulations of my freshman year, I was worried I would end up hacking code in some dark corner hating my life, so I changed my major. Who knew later on my mind would run rampant with problem solving code and design ideas.

Fortunately, I was able to retain the basic code logic I learned from my short exposure. In my mid to late 20's I reentered the world of programming through web design. I have always been enamored by the idea of creating something interactive and dynamic. I started with simple pages using HTML. Later, with some guidance from my now mentor and the help of the internet, I willed myself into understanding how to create interactive pages with VBScript using a Microsoft Access™ database. I used these skills to create a web page for Conser Music (Fort Wayne, IN) allowing the owner access through a login to change pricing, update product, leave messages, take payments, etc.

Shortly after the creation of the Conser Music website, I was introduced to ASP.NET Web Forms. Using Web Forms, my brother-in-law, Jon Fazzaro, and I started a business, Bzaro Web Design and Applications, where we created an interactive web site allowing for an admin to log in, create/sort pages based on a topic, submit requests from the web page, and other user functionality. I mostly worked on the design, however it was a great introduction to ASP.NET and Web Forms. Bzaro unfortunately didn't stand the test of time lasting about a year.

I later took the excitment of ASP.NET Web Forms solo and created my largest project to date, As the demands of the project grew, so did the need to aquire more knowledge. This pushed me into picking up skills in VB.NET, JavaScript/jQuery, JSON data arrays, CSS, AJAX requests, creating different levels of authorization, modal pop-ups, and on and on. This application was created with sheer determination and a strong desire to learn new concepts. (honorable mention to Google and the kind people of Stack Overflow)

After completion of the SensorTec application, I was ready to see what was next in the world of web development. That is when I found ASP.NET MVC. It is light weight and follows a simple logic. It seemed to be the next logical step in web design, so I opened up the can. I started by creating several practice projects until I aquired enough knowledge to launch Using MVC and Code First Migration, I was able to create a band website giving users a CRUD (create / read / update / delete) interface to add Venues, Shows, etc. In implementing this project, I was introduced to such tools as NuGet, Github, bootstrap and many other plugins.

It's been a long journey, so having acquired all this knowledge, I thought it was time to start flexing my bits and bytes and assemble them into a goulash of binary numbers to be served into stimulating images and code mastery for the worlds enjoyment... or as an attempt to put out an online portfolio demonstrating what I am capable of. Walk, don't run. Expensive coding at work. Ok, you can run.

BLOG sharing nerd experiences with the easily amused

Portfolio hey! look what I can do

See What I Did Here no, you are not seeing double... or are you?

It's a bit redundant. But, I use my site as my sandbox for learning new techniques and sharing my experiences with those who will listen. Having mostly taught myself web design, as well as not having a career in web development, there isn't a lot of opportunity to create or be involved in projects. It fills up space. In actuality, it is part of my plan to set you into an infinite loop of nothing but me. What do ya think of the picture? I was going for pensive. Don't think so? Me neither.

My Journey Into MVC.NET (C#.NET) a learning process

Stuff is here

When Web Forms Was A Thing (VB.NET) not a waste of time?


Resume I have a past

Career Objective

To obtain a position in web design and applications which will apply my background and experience in ASP.NET Web Forms/VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC/C#.NET, HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript/JQuery.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Experience in web solutions from development to deployment
  • Co-founder of Bzaro Web Design and Applications
  • Take initiative to better productivity and efficiency of a project
  • Recognized for high ethical standards in all work performed
  • Reputation as a dependable, accountable and trust worthy employee


Production Manager

SensorTec Inc., Fort Wayne, IN 2011 to present


Purchasing Manager

SensorTec Inc, Fort Wayne, IN 2007 to 2011


General Manager

Conser Music, Fort Wayne, IN 2002 to 2007

Managed day-to-day operations for sales, repairs, and lessons. Trained office staff and provided tools they required to reach expectations and achieve objectives. Managed client relations. Implemented the design and development of website. Worked directly with the owner to improve sales and customer service. Improved skill of multi-tasking, due to the eclectic demand of the job.


Bzaro (, Fort Wayne, IN 2006 to 2007

Implementation of a web application business co-founded with Jon Fazzaro. Created web based applications using skills such as: HTML/CSS; ASP.NET/VB.NET; ASP/Vbscript; Database Administration.

Loss Prevention

Best Buy, Fort Wayne, IN 2001 to 2002

Worked to limit product loss by monitoring customers and employee activity. Utilized video surveillance equipment to identify and track shoplifters. Demonstrated ability to assess risk and respond appropriately.


Kroger, Bloomington, IN 2000 to 2001

Assisted in the loss prevention program at each of the Kroger grocery stores in Bloomington, IN. The loss prevention program included enforcing store rules and regulations among the employees as well as prevent the act of shoplifting in every aspect of the store. Trained staff on detecting shoplifters, profiling robbery suspects, and explained state laws concerning such matters. Trained in interview and interrogation techniques.


Youth Leader

Faith Baptist Church, Fort Wayne, IN 2003 to 2010

Worked with other youth leaders to create a positive and inviting environment for young adults with such activities as bible studies, drama, mission trips, and music events.


Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (Training) 70-480 2016

Currently in training for Microsoft 70-480 Certification. HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.

B.A. Criminal Justice, Minor: Information Technology 2007

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Experience gained through course work:

Detailed study in the criminal justice system. Concentration in the areas of criminal justice and information technology have rounded out my background.